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My name is Benjamyn McKay and I am currently serving as Treasurer for the Alumni Society.  I was a Member of the TUXIS Parliament from the 81st to the 87th Session, where at my last Session I was Deputy Premier.

I come to the position of Treasurer with a few different goals and strategies for the duration of my term.  First of all I want to see the number of contributors increase.  We have an alumni list with almost three hundred names.  If everyone on the list made a donation of twenty-five dollars we'd increase our total donations by fifty percent.  An option to also consider is asking friends or family to make a donation in your name for a Christmas or a Birthday present (donations are acceptable any time of the year!).

Another reason I'm trying to increase our donation totals is because I want to see us build an Endowment Fund which we can use to subsidize the cost of Session for those young people that require extra assistance.  We need a minimum of 10,000$ to see this happen.  Contact me specifically if you have questions about this project.

Another thing to keep in mind for Alumni living in Alberta is that when added to the federal tax credit of 29 per cent, Albertans receive a 50 per cent non-refundable tax credit on donations that exceed $200 in a tax year.  The first $200 in eligible charitable donations made in a tax year continues to receive a federal tax credit of 15 per cent and an Alberta tax credit of 10 per cent.

If you have anything you want to discuss with me please e-mail me (

Please donate to help keep the TUXIS Parliament an option for the young people of Alberta.

Make cheques payable to:
            TUXIS Alumni Society of Alberta
            c/o Benjamyn McKay
             #501, 9707 106 Street
             Edmonton, AB    T5K 0B7

Yours in TUXIS,

Benjamyn McKay


Willingly and cheerfully doing more than that which is our duty to do.
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