The Doug Beechey Award
The Doug Beechey Award was established in 1979, the year of the 60th Session of the Tuxis Parliament of Alberta, as an award to honour Alumni of the tuxis parliament for their service to the community.  the award was named for Doug Beechey, a former premier of the Parliament (49th Session) and Chairman of the Alumni Society (1972 - 1975).  Doug had died earlier that year, and the Alumni Society wanted to honour his memory.  The Award is given to those Alumni who, throughout their lives, have fulfilled the Tuxis motto:  "Willingly and cheerfully Doing More Than That Which It Is Our Duty To Do."

The recent recipients of the award include:

2002:  David C. Marriott: David has been a prosecutor with Alberta Justice for 28 years.  He currently works in the Appeals Branch.  He has served on the Boards of St. David's United Church and the Leduc Drama Society.  He has a long history of service with the Alumni Society, having been Chairman, Treasurer and Chief Returning Officer.  He is currently the Executive Director of the Alumni Society 

2003:  Ross McBain:  Ross McBain is the owner of McBain Camera in Edmonton.  He is a widely respected member of the Edmonton business community.

2004:  David Patterson:  Rev. David Patterson is a United Church minister who served pastorates in Lousana-Trenville, Lloydminster and Medicine Hat.  He served as President of the Saskatchewan Branch of the CMHA, as well as serving on the Curt of Canadian Citizenship and the Victorian Order of Nurses.  After retirement, he taught English at the Beijing University of Technology. 

2005: Tim Marr:  Tim Marr is an Edmonton businessman, the owner of a recycling depot and has served in many capacities on the board of the Alberta Deposit Association.  He has also served on the Beverage Container Management Board.  He is also a volunteer with the Bissel Centre.

2006: Douglas Robertson:  Doug Robertson is a farmer in Carstairs, Alberta.  He is a member of the Western Barley Growers Association, and served as Chair of the Alberta Barley Commission.  His family has been a host family for the International Agricultural Exchange Program, and Doug chaired the IAEA Trust Fund Committee for three years. 

2007: Bill Wright:  Bill Wright is an elementary school teacher in Edmonton. He began his teaching  career at the Yellowhead Youth Centre,  teaching in the boys' detention.  He subsequently taught at Northmount Elementary School,  Hazeldean Elementary school, D. S.  Mackenzie Junior High, Baturyn, Hazeldean,  Mount Royal, Dunluce and Malcolm Tweedle  Elementary Schools.  In 1991 he won the award for Excellence in Teaching.  He is also a member of the Rotary Club of Edmonton Northeast.  He is currently the Chief Returning Officer of the Tuxis Parliament.  

2008:  Richard Starke:  Dr. Richard Starke is a veterinarian, practicing in Lloydminster, Alberta.  He served two terms as Alderman  on Lloydminster City Council and chaired the construction  committee for the Barr Colony Heritage  Cultural Centre. He is a a past president of the Border City  Rotary Club, and presently serves as Assistant  Governor for Rotary International District 5370.  He has organized two session of the Tuxis Parliament in Lloydminster.   

2009: Tim Beechey:  Tim Beechey, the younger brother of Doug Beechey, is a teacher in Edmonton.  He is a member of the Edmonton Softball Umpires Association, on the Board of Directors of  the Kilkenny Community League, and is active in the Alberta Teacher Association and Holy Trinity Anglican Church.  He is currently the Chair of the Alumni Council.

Willingly and cheerfully doing more than that which is our duty to do.
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