There are typically five Conferences during the year. They are held in churches throughout the province. They start on Friday evening, and run through the whole weekend, ending after the church service on Sunday afternoon. The generally accepted practice is that people attending conferences stay in the church where the conference is being held. 

Conferences are generally planned around the necessity to have a front bench meeting. What is a front bench meeting you ask? The front bench meeting, is the official forum for the front bench discuss important issues pertaining to session, and the smooth running of the parliament, with the greater TUXIS community. The dates for conferences through the year are chosen based on when certain decisions need to be made in the year. Par Example, February conference is often the longest front bench meeting because you need to deal with things like: forming the committees discuss at the previous session, choosing a speaker for the upcoming session, discussing where you think session should be the following year, as well as the budget. Whereas September conference is often the shortest meeting, as you are mostly just touching base to ensure the plans for the year are coming along nicely. 

Another important aspect of conferences are the different programming elements. There is Membership programming, which is useful for getting to know the people around you and having fun. Social Action programming to make you reflect on worldly affairs, often this involves volunteering in the community, or fundraising for the charity that they choose every year. Finally, Devotional programming is generally focused on self reflection and spirituality. Though we are a Christianity based parliament, our spirituality programming is very much about exploring a variety of spiritual avenues, to encourage open discussions of faith. 

At Conferences you will often find informal debate sessions. We use them for practicing parliamentary procedure, in order to help everyone be more comfortable standing up to speak in a more formal setting at session. There are also usually a few discussions through the year to decide what legislation the parliamentarians would like to debate at session; Sometimes we even have resolution writing workshops to further our understanding of parliamentary style debate. 

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