What is TUXIS? What are its goals?

TUXIS is the longest continuously running youth Parliament in Canada. It is composed of youth ages 15-21 from all across Alberta. The Parliament is founded upon four major aspects: the intellectual, the spiritual, the physical, and the social. The goal of TUXIS is to foster growth in each aspect.

What is Session?

Session is held annually from December 26-31. This is the main event. At Session most of your time is spent in the House, debating. We debate current events issues, as well as the bylaws that members of TUXIS follow. This allows everyone to learn about parliamentary procedure, and to practice their public speaking skills.  There are also various fun activities, such as root beer chugging and a talent show. At the end of the week, we elect our Executive Council for the upcoming year.

Why should I go? What will I get out of attending?

You will participate in interesting and informative discussions with peers on contemporary topics, during both debate and programming. These discussions allow members to learn more about themselves, others, and the world around them.  By debating in the House you will hone your public speaking skills and learn about parliamentary traditions. You will also gain a great deal from the programming offered outside of debate.  Membership programming provides members with the chance to just have fun and get to know one another. Social Action programming gives you the chance to explore social justice issues in a fun and relaxed setting. Devotional programming is based upon Christian values and helps members to learn about themselves and their spirituality through activities that promote a tolerance for varying interpretations of spirituality.

Who is in charge?

TUXIS is self-run. The Premier, Deputy Premier, Leader of the Opposition, and Alternate Leader of the Opposition are elected at Session and are responsible for forming the leadership team.

What are the rules?

All members coming to TUXIS have to agree by the rules set down in the Code of Ethics. Members agree that they will not use alcohol or drugs at the event, nor participate in sexual activities, in addition to other rules. If a member is found to have broken these rules, they will be sent home at their own expense.

What about first aid?

A member of the Executive Committee is certified in basic and emergency first aid, as well as CPR. They are also responsible for keeping the medical information of members, and communicating it to the appropriate medical professionals in an emergency.

What do I do if I want to come to Session?

If you would like to come to Session please fill out the permission form and send it, along with the registration deposit of $50.00, to:


Bill Wright, Chief Returning Officer

#207 9731 105 St.

Edmonton AB T5K 1A2


Checks can be made out to TUXIS Parliament of Alberta Alumni Society.

The balance will be due upon arrival on December 26, 2010.


Registration deadline is December 3, 2010.

Who do I contact for more information?

Katie Kelly

Minister of Recruitment


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